Angel city is a place where people and angels dwell in friendship and people feel safe and loved by their heavenly companions, which has nothing to do with being good because we're not particularly good and let's be honest, we know this to be true.
We recommend that people read Dante's Divine Comedy because it is about a person who was lost, heartbroken, disoriented and excluded, as people often feel they are in high school or in fact at any time because this is more a stage of education rather than a specific time frame. As with Pinocchio and Frodo, an angelic guide appears,(in this case, not an angel but a dead human, virgil) in a very direct and constant way, to lead the protagonist through hell to heaven.
At the same time, it is an example of an attempt to unify rather than divide the pagan and Christian religions.
We also recommend the reading of The Silmarillion, as it is a prerequisite to entering into the University Proper via the Musical College, and this is because we need all the musical, angelic guidance we can possibly get.
The Silmarillion proposes a faerie-founded explanation of how we got exiled in the first place, and is much more detailed than the Garden of Eden story.