Without this handbook, we may crash into paradise like the pilate in the underrated Robin williams classic "CLUB PARADISE". Or worse yet, overshoot the target entirely and drown like Icarus. We need to prepare. moreover, the DEAC handbook recommends selfevaluation for ALL distance learning schools so even if we dont intend to apply for acc, we shoudl prepare.

At some point in history, people began to believe that "the pen is mightier than the sword" and at that point, began to pour huge quantities of money into education, while we continue to do the same for the military.
At Uriel's we believe based on investigation into reality, that the heart is the mightiest of all, and if we do not understand this, we will descend back into barbarism as the French theological turn in phenomenology has proposed.
"the heart has reasons which reason knoweth not", blaise pascal. He was certainly not ignorant, right?
We are not slouching toward a figuarative Gomorrah, as Bork suggests, instead we are in diplomatic relations with the actual Gomorrah described by Roberto Saviani.
To be happy without the hallucinogenics that result from, and also cause, so much heartbreak in the world, in other words, to simply be blessed enough to confront reality without being drunk or high, we need to set up an embassy at the gates of heaven, and treat with the angels until we are allowed back inside.

Our investigations began as a thesis under siege, as it were, a thesis whose foundations were attacked not civilly in the hallowed halls of academe, but violently in interpersonal physical combat.
were not entirely voluntary; instead, like Simon of Cyrene, we were "conscripted" or "requistitioned" or "drafted" into service, as the case may be.
However, becuase of that circumstance, we are more completely convinced of the validity of what we seek to accomplish, than we should be had we simply made an intellectual, rather than a phenomenological, investigation.
In fact, the horsehoe we use as an icon denotes that we are iron forged in the refining fire, and on these sturdy shoes we undertake our educational mission.
In this, we are rather like the university in exile; exiled however not because we oppose the world wars, but because we are veterans of the ensuing existential wars, so aptly summed up by George Kitsiokovsky's paraphrasing the bagavhad ghita: For I am death, the destroyer of worlds. Or is that kahil gilbran? To Don mcleanes sorry lament to Vincent, "this world was never meant for one as beautiful as you" we reply, but vincent, you are meant for the world, to console and to comfort us, and to give us hope under the starry night over the Rhone in the mental ward of Saint Remy. LORD JESUS I SOUND LIKE A BLOWHARD FROM HARVARD!