Welcome to A LITTLE GOOD NEWS with Mary Magdalene

Today is the day of Sant Iago and the famous "Virgen del Pilar" (now you know why Pilar is a given name, like Lourdes, Guadalupe, Navidad, Epifania, Pasquale, Salvatore, and so many others.
When St James was on the point of quitting, and started to sing "A little good news" the consoling virgin appeared to him atop a pilar.
THat is now the cathedral of Saint James in campo stelle, or "field of stars".
So..good news can have a good effect on our souls and our work effort.
.Are you listening? Can you hear it?
Whats the "good" in "good news" after all if we don't hear it?
This is why the vangelo is so vital to our vitality.
The birds always announce the sunrise and in fact, the sunrise is good news...except maybe not for hemingway but maybe he was like King Solomon..vanity vanity all is vanity and a chasing after wind. WHy couldnt he hear the good news from the Wind?.he hired slaves to tend the cabbages, and didnt spend enough time in the garden so he didnt hear the birds gossiping about the good news. Had he done more gardening he might have said, vegetables vegetables all is vegetation instead of vexation of spirit.
But we digress.
The bible does not say that Mary Magdalene was visited by an ev-angel in the wee hour just before dawn, who announced the resurrection.
In fact, she most probably was not, though if she had been, she may have thought it was a dream.
THe story tells that when she went to the tomb it was to anoint the corpse.
It being dawn, the hour when only service people tend to be at labor, and also a Sabbath, which service people often cannot afford to observe, She "mistook" God for the gardener.
But it is also a possibility that Magdalene went early not only because she could not sleep for grief and hope, but because she favored hours when she would not be harassed and catcalled...especially as an unaccompanied "woman of the streets", wrapped no doubt in bedsheets to avoid being stoned.
Seeing her awake and about at the hour, they likely snickered, "coming home from a client, Mary?"
But the pre dawn darkness offers the protection of invisibility, even if one has to watch ones back even so.
We may never know that detail, since it is not recorded, unless an angel appears to clarify.
THe listening lynx has heard tale after tale of the laborers at the gates of dawn, those undocumented immigrants whose stock in trade is manual labor and it is a verifiable fact that they often working hours by arriving on the job at dawn or shortly thereafter.

Think about the root of the word arrogance..to "arrogate to oneself" in Alexanders case, the perogatives of Divinity.
Perhaps The ancient university of Athens was cynical to Paul because they didn't want to repeat history, and fight a war over whether Socrates was right, radical, or just radically wrong.
Now let us return to Phidippedes and the "good news."The next EDEX course to be offered after Anthropology introduction was Alexander the Ambiguity of Greatness.
Lynxes and Leopards and Lions can listen and learn lessons online, and leggere the legends of lore.
For that is what Alexander's story is..a legend, in which he spun history his way.
THe evolving neanderthal was now conscious of existence and of consciousness, and now begun to pass news westward from China to persia to greece..and part of that was the humiliation of the memory of guilt and lost paradise.
so the new kings had to spin it that they were in fact God.
We hadn't lost a thing! The ambitous angel had been right after all..we can make our own Paradise, we don't need God.

does good news have to do with the garden? Well--everything, in our estimation.
Gaia is not simply a pagan theory, but a pagan way of understanding the Tree of life.
Three of the most popular apparitions of the madonna are Lourdes, fatima and Guadalupe, which involved..wait for it...sun, water and gardens.
Or to put it antoher way, and use Klees color theory...yellow and blau macht gruen.
Or, God (the sun) plu the angels (the sky) make the garden grow for us (nature).
Furthermore, each appearance was tied to peace, that is, Guadalupe was a call for racial and ethnic unity, tied to the great power struggle between popes and princes especially over colonized territories as the world expanded and commerce and industry demanded labor and raw materials.
Our lady basically said "I do in fact promise you a rose garden.
At Lourdes, a call to reject the hatred and bloodshed of the jacobins ? (check the dates on all this) the water healed the people, was this not tied not only to the increasing use of waterwheels in textiles and the milling of grain, to the French revolution and the failure of the French Kings to recognize the sovereignty of the Sacred heart? ( blood and WATER)
Finally fatima, a call to reject atheism and murderous ideology of any kind, the moving power of fire which ended up giving us the nuclear bomb and the prospect of annihilation, she showed control over the sun.
Sometimes we just need to put the proper spin on the news we get from the West wind or wherever.
The Good news always has enemies.
But as a matter of fact, the bad news is an opportunity for people who hear it to stand up and make the correction, though it may cause outrage indeed.
Mary Magdalene bears as much of a resemblance to the Leopard as an alleged tramp who was never allowed to defend herself, as Joan of Arc in her warrior cult status.
As it turns out, other people were committing these crimes and foisting all the bad press on women.
Mary wasn't burned at the stake but she spent 2000 years as a "repentant sinner."
Exactly whose sins was she repenting of?
Did you know that this week is the feast of Mary of Magdala, a real place, a real person.
history spun her rather unfairly, like savonarol and uriel and joan of arc perhaps, and also like the leopard
In the days of Mary Magdalene women weren't regarded as credible witnesses, simply because they were women, not becuase of any prior history of false swearing.
Talk about your gaslighting!
but in 2016 the wise Pope frank decided to spin the 45 the other way, and not to hear the Devil talking, but to hear Mary herself, the Apostle of the Apostles and the first to hear and proclaim the good news.
So exactly what was the good news Mary beat everybody else to, like a supercharged NYT reporter trying to generate online subscriptions?
The best news any human being ever said or heard: There is a Paradise.
Or as pasolini put it "if you say I am an unbeliever..."
Believe what you may, believe all the martyrs were delusional if you wish, believe massively cultured folks like Tolkien had fuddled themselves into a fantasy, believe that Popes and prophets are simply ingesting poppies...Mary Magdalene would pronounce otherwise.
Of course..her testimony isn't exactly credible...after all, old sport, she's a woman.