Angelic Assets

Angels are the tricky part, aren't they? we can't see them, or hear them, or smell them (not usually, anyway) so how do we know they are real?
What exactly are angels anyway?
At least let's not shie away from the question.
Just as Wellesley college is dedicated to gardens and to the saying of Christ "non ministrari sed ministrare", so Oxford was originally known as Oriel college, and ended up being dedicated to Uriel the archangel with the motto "god is my light".
In genesis, It was an angel who tricked us into forfeiting paraise, another angel who prevented us from returning to Paradise, and also in the Gospels, an angel who brought the happy news to Zacaria that the gate would be opened once more.
So is that all just a fairy tale, too good to be true? Or is it as Tolkien believed, a FAERIE tale, too true for us to believe unless we try to BE good.
OUr curriculum began with phenomenology and we added gardens and lastly music, but according to the present schedule, in order to conform to traditional academic calendars, we take up musical angels in the fall, truth in the spring and gardens in the summer.
Now to gain admission to the University system, each stage requires a 40 page booklet in which the 36 inner pages each represent one course.
So that by the time you apply to college that book will have 112 pages, all representing invaluable angelic wisdom.

And the supreme unmitigated economic practicality of all this is that with any luck we the graduates will know how to love each other!
We won't end up becoming a greedy corporate overlord, shooting, stabbing or strangling anyone, squandering the lives and money of everyone we know on drugs and derangement, or causing any other tragedy that is caused by our fallen human nature.