So you visited the valangaverse for a virtual vacation, and now you think you want a student visa! great!!!
Please prepare a transcript commensurate with your experience, ie, if you want to matriculate as a high school first year, your transcript should have 64 pages corresponding to 8 classes a year for 8 years.
You should prepare an autobiographical song, and have a plant that you have taken care of, like 4H except we dont mind if the plant died.
Plus, take the Angelic Assessmetn Aptitude for that level its FUN ok.
The angels want you here. They love us.
Also note, if you have an animal instead of a plant, fine! If you made a dance to go with your song, super!
If your transcript booklet has a lot of pictures, you go!
This is about you, and us, together. Ut Unum Sint.