Here we can sell the merch such as, we sell a dozen lollis for a tenspot each lolli is about like a candy bar, which is about a dollar. Has about the same energy like three hundreds of calories. which is a good boom if you want to zoom.
we could add the fruit esp. the mx fruit which is plentiful and sweet and available for a longer season, but also the grape lollies are good and aren't the grapes are all local, if there is a way to have the fruit laden chocopops travel over distance without disintegration.
we could even throw in an extra one like they do you know how they do, and then they hit the button toHello, a message from the valanga di Vita Company.
This is a non profit and we want to put it out there upfront that economic inequality causes a lot of grief in the world.
(Also, Sometimes we forget how much luxury we actually live with compared to a few thousand years ago, or even a hundred. Such as, indoor plumbing, central heating, etc. Ask your grandparents about outhouses.)
we may indulge in the occasional grapefruit soda but aside from that we really don't live high on the hog.
Known luxuries of the members: toasty warm comforters, hot showers, the occasional steak, the occasional cake, fuzzy winter boots, jugs of milk, siestas..the list goes on.
We do assure you, any money we receive will be put to the best of use!
We will still love you, even if we are all poor and starve at least we did it together.
we are just testing this donation form after a long period of disuse.
Did you know that in naples they practice a cool tradition called caffe sospeso, where if you had a good success in something you share it with the next person at the bar by paying for two coffees instead of just the one you are drinking.
thus the next person to order gets one free!
please do not use our donate button yet as we have not put in the SSL yet!
(SSL means a protection for the payment information).
Now if you will excuse the CFOs they went to get some grapefruit soda.