ONE: A.transcript (for all levels past primary):Please submit your school transcript.
In the event that you did not attend formal schooling, or did not succeed in it, that is of no consequence here.
Prepare a transcript of materials you have studied and practical experiences you have had during your life.
we will evaluate your readiness using our own angelic criteria
ONE: B.essay (for college)essay, topic: Why I want to attend this institution; with a video/audio project.
TWO: Guest pass for all levels
Visitor visa for all levels
Plant grown by applicant. Any plant will do provided you have nurtured it for at least a season.
THREE: exam results:(each level has different requirements) SATS, GEDS, similar tests, are all optional but the URIEL UNIVERSITY ENTRANCE EXAM is required. Pinocchio, Frodo, Pier Giorgio.
ONce you have submitted this information we will issue you a Paradise Passort which will contain your baptismal certificate (just take a shower or swim if you're not religious, since water itself is holy) Valangaverse Visa stamp, Green Garden Residency card and Uriel ID card.)
We are following closely the world service authority and its attmepts to create a global government of love.
This real ID card is based on principals of reality described not in the sense of a nation state which implies power and control of some over others, but instead, in phenomenology, that is, reality is PER SE sacred and has a sacramental character.
A university which teaches this we believe is a true education from darkness to light, from weeping to singing.
No more war. No more wasted resources. V is not for vendetta, not for violence, but for Valanga di Vita.

a thesis on Gaia, Eucatastrophe or phenomenology or some related field of study.
360 credits from primary school through college, where each material or experience is worth one credit in primary school, two in middle school etc.