The mission of uriel university is to provide an ivy league quality education to anyone who asks for it, which at the same time educates all participants to happiness and peace, thus providing a remedy for psychological distress which affects so many people in our world today with often seemingly irreperable consequences.
We are out to "shine a light of joy" upon us all, and "sing the song of heaven to the exiles of earth."
At a time when the world budget for mental health is X (how will we ever know the true number), for prisons, X and for DEA X, climate X, and for military X, this oculd not be a more timely public service.
We consider ourselves a research university par excellence, since the human person, and the happiness sought by all human beings, above all is the subject of our research.
Anyone who wishes may use their own residence as a "guadalupe garden" project, sing songs to each other a la engelblau, and test the veracity of propositions in the white hot fire of truth a la uriel. Thus their own home will be a branch of our university, and a galaxy of the valangaverse of love.