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Offering programs in transcendentalism, eucatastrophe and phenomenology for all matriculating students.
Let's be accreditation worthy even if we can't afford the paper! Let's do this. Let's do it well.
contributions to Thoreau
For example, ad hoc seminar style discussions June 29 2020, reactions to walden, thoreau was priviledged he didn't appreciate the states protections,(rudeben)its kind of heavy reading, go see the lake, (njorg) the woodcutter is cool, how does it relate to Scopenhauer, who recommends that you read, Platos republic, the bagavhad ghita, the Upanishads, Kants Critique of pure reason, before you can grasp scopenhauer himself.(rudeben.)
Contributions to Tolkien: (patotas) faith, failed or firm?...films, fantoches or faeries?...is the father of Jesus "the one" or simply on a power trip? According to Abraham and Moses, and archangel Michael, he is in fact "the one". this call to piety is THE FIRST COMMANDMENT to the wandering church.

It's clear that Arsdale practiced being an ambassador for distance learning.
"And I will say though that it is free" lol
(It's not really funny though, this was less than a year after swartz offed himself for promoting free internet.
See how the powerful interests that fund MIT for their purposes appropriated that idea to itself after snuffing out Aaron's voice?.
Of course we need engineers to make bombs..or we could be diplomatic and say, MIT felt bad, which they probably did, but did they divest from Obaminator?Find this out.)
If Arsdale can do it, we can do it.
Professor see, professor do.
The true reason for accreditation is so that the students can apply for federal assistance, thus allowing the school to charge a hefty tuition.
This in turn funds the huge bonuses of administration, whereas in our case, we will share and share alike.
None of that "I live up on the hill in a castle whilst you live in the swamp" type of stuff.
However, we must respect their requirements as far as possible where the requirements are ostensibly reasonable.
For example, it is right to know and agree with the mission in order to be part of the institution.
If we get any money, it belongs to all of us through the charitable trust.
No malicious person can get their hands on a charitable trust, because it is irrevocable.