All books point to Paradise. Are we so slow to understand the "scritti corsari?"
For further reading, if Pasolini is too hyperbolic, after all he is mediterranean and that culture is quite expressive to anglo saxon sensibilities,
try "dumbing us down" written by a man who taught in the nyc public schoosl for many years.

The history of the Christian Church and the execution and resurrection of its God, is not the only historical document in which suffering and death are the impetus or foundation of a cultural phenomenon.
Greek playwrights, Russian novelists, German philosophers, English romantics and others are also famous for their nostalgic, melancholy or downright dismal portrayal of history.
Sometimes these artistic phenomena lead to revolutions.
Many of the most famous revolutionary books in history grew out of the experience of suffering, imprisonment or exile of the author, for example, City of God, The Consolation of Philosophy, Mein Kamf,the communist manifesto, Gramscis Notebooks, Dante's Divine Comedy, and many others.
Reality is a tough teacher but an excellent one.
In the end, the thesis of reality can only be contradicted by insanity.
So if God created reality, if in a sense the thesis of God is pure goodness proposed to us, and we teach people that this is a lie, we are not only teaching insanity but blasphemy, which is authored by the oppositon.
We really can't have it both ways. we would like to, but we can't.

Our educational philosophy grew out of interactions with "the excluded leper" who is banished from polite talk, or "the elephant in the earth" that giant beast no one acknowledges. that is, it grew out of interactions with the violent and deranged.
More so than father damian's lepers, the mentally ill, violent and incestuous are outcasts from polite society
CS Lewis was terrified after a few days with a mentally ill friend; the first members of our company passed many years in such company.
The thesis that was never written years ago, due to these interactions, became forged in fire.
we believe that the Eucharist is the foundation of all being, and the eucharist is the Word made flesh, in other words, the word in a book on its own is useless to educate.
The temptation is to hide in an ivory tower while wars wage in the streets.
The tragedy is that academics in such comfortable positions perpetuate the useless theories that have no impact on the suffering in the world.
That is what the pharisees did, the athenians also, and since the printing press was invented, "Renaissance" Europeans did the same and continue to do so.

Pier Paolo Pasolini was one of the very first inspirations for our University, before we ever had such an idea as a university, but sought only to survive.
His essay "the unhappy young people" which is frank and honest about the depression that plagues people as they grow up in a materialistic culture, is controversial because he often had underage prostitutes as lovers, however that to us only means, he was most likely an underage prostitute himself and was never permitted to say so in "polite society".
And we have direct experience with this phenomenon, which makes us qualified to speak on it.
Pasolini in his writings "scritti corsari" says "the first teacher is "reality."
This agrees with Jesus, who may have not had a degree but who is a supreme teacher, with Husserl and Stein and the whole gottigen school of philosphy in their fight against ideology and also agrees with the "french theological turn" in phenomenology, the christo and Jeanne Clause artistic project and so many others/

Thus, our original curriculum to heal mental distress was based on three authors whose theories of happiness have grown in popularity over time: Thoreau and his book: why I went to the woods; forged in the wake of his termination as a teacher, failure in romance and death of beloved brother;Tolkien and his eucatastrophe theory, forged in the trenches of WWI, and Harry Frankfurt's Classic BS theory, meant to introduce poeple to the controversial Pasolini.
in order to call ourselves a university we have to meet certain criteria, and so, we shall say that this triad has evolved into three schools of "beatitude" to use the word of our accidental patron saint, Pier Giorgio Frassati, the first, Gaia College of Greenery and Goodness. the second, Engelblau College of Beauty and Hope, and the third, Bologna College of BS theory and Participatory Phenomenology.
Since we have to have "enrolled students", and confer academic degrees, here is the entrance requirement for a transcript: no matter what kind of schooling you have had, you must have passed your time learning something.
We make no judgments on your experience, we only ask that you show what it is.
If you drove a truck for ten years, you sure learned a lot about roads. put that.
Prepare a booklet of one hundred pages as your own high school transcript, to signify 8 courses or subject over 12 years that you have participated in prior to earning the diploma of High shcool or the GED.
Until you can do this, you really have not internalized the graces of wisdom you have participated in up to that point.
And this is a large part of the educational dilemma, that what is taught is not interactive enough with our day to day experience, and becomes no more than tomes in a library.
Eudcation is an incredible, staggering gift and we need to be grateful for this.
We will provide a sample booklet but for now, the first few pages will have the alphabet, the numbers, clock calendar and such things.
bike riding, swimming, first aid, singing, and all the things we learn as children without realizing it.
If you never learned to read, then you are not reading this, if you never learned to swim for example put "running" "tree climbing" fishing bike riding or some other skill.
Upon presentation of the transcript, and having taken the Angelic Aptiude Assessments as well as the GED and SAT, which it doesnt matter how well you do on these the first time, quite honestly, as long as you tried, just keep on trying until you pass it, presenting the histoire de coeur autobiographical song and the plant that you have loved a la leon montagna, (even if the plant died, that does not mean you did not love it.)participants may matriculate into the University proper, and may rightfully hold a Guadalupe Green Card of Permanent Residence in the Coop gardens, for as long as they wish to reside there and hopefully forever.

Furthermore, the scholarly "paper" produced by the leopards adventures is scandalous, but if anyone would like to present an alternative argument we ask only this: that you have experienced a similar sort of suffering, that is, accompanying and taking care of, eventually twenty four hours a day, seven days a week, from adolescence, a blood relative who is in love with you and at the same time who wants to violate and kill you and anyone else who happens to make them angry, including but not limited to their family members, and drives away all human company, not for days or weeks or months, but for many years.
And all this while society turns a blind and terrified eye.
If anyone out there can match or beat this tale, we would be glad to hear a thesis contradicting our own, that Love and love alone, No greater love than the love of God, which originates in the heart of God, is the answer to the world's problems.
In the meanwhile, upon this thesis, we intend to build our university and we believe it will remain unchallenged for the foreseeable future.