Greetings, disciples of Paradise.! Did you know this is a rogation day? It's a good time to rogare. Go ahead, ask away.
Three am and gemmy was sitting in a chair calmly puffing an elaborately carved pipe filled with heavenly fragrance of the Holy SPirit.
When did you pick up that scholarly habit?
tiddly tuddly I got this pipe from was booty from a raid on the mede persian empire and the athenian school caught a wiff of paradise from Abraham's tribe.
I suppose you think you're Gandalf the grey now.
No, actually now that I crossed over I'm Gemmy the white.
Really!? Are you running for pope too? Come on, it's time for bible study.
bible study!
Yeah that's right you need to brush up on your alephs your beths and your gimels. Notice the Hebrew accent?(chuckles softly).
Why, whats the Greek accent?
Alfa beta gamma delta epsilon but dont ask me to write any of that ok.
ok first question: Where did Nero get all the cash to build the domis pacis?
That's Domus Aurelius, and the bible doesn't mention that.
My guess is he stole it from Solomon's temple, all those talents and armories and what not.
You could be onto something. But as long as we've got a worldwide audience, let me just say, this is no haunted rap tape! This is a bible study chillen!
You're not going to sing join the gospel train are you? Can we do something tribal instead?
You mean like Come and get your love isnt that getting a tad cliche?
God's love is never cliche, but how about Southern nights that's on the marvel mixtape.