First we need economic justification for this enterprise, according to their rules.
What is the Federal/Global Education budget?
What is the Federal/Global Military Budget?
what is the federal/global mental health budget?
Then we will know where our budget fits on the continuum.
Though, if there is any public service organization with a greater differential between the value of services and expenses, we'd like to hear about it.
We need to know these numbers because it gives us credibility and clout in a sense to support our version of the situation (like Gary davis).
According to Yanis varoufakis and brookesly bourne, we will never know the truth of these numbers but we can try.
This faculty exam is meant to be a counterpoint to the SATs, which did not protect the leopard from harm.
faculty Exam could be called the MATT, named for Matthew 23:8-12 and a play on the SAT, while different than student exams of AAT. Angelic aptitude test.
covers the following aspects of Uriel if you want to do the letter list:
Memory, Meaning, Mission, Method, Ministeros, Money, Materials, Matilda's Movie Manifesto.
Each area described by: the Leopards Tale and the mental illness memorial, The meaning of suffering, the mission of joy, the Method of Education, the Ministers of Mercy, the Money, Materials and Matilda.
All teachers should know Matthew 23:8-12, in regards to the humility that teachers should have, even if you don't believe that Jesus was God, this passage here is important.
We are making this exam similar to an SAT so that the teachers and the students are on an equal plane.
If we are required by bureaucracy to adminsiter these tests, at least we will administer them to ourselves as well.
Note: Discussion questions whenever possible should be favored over these sorts of questions because it is in conversation that we learn to understand each other.
These sorts of questions can serve as a sort of fun review, if you will.
Also, when this is done and made less "flippant" it will be an exam that faculty will take so that they understand our mission.
But it has to be serious and sober to meet government standards. Specifically, the IRS classification of a school requires that the school have a regular faculty.
Green Cards could have an F for faculty not for failure jeje once the exams are passed and a thesis is presented. Even if your thesis is not about Gaia etc, you need to know it.
To defend the thesis, be prepared at any time to answer a question such as "what is the eucatastrophe theory"? etc etc