Uriel University System is an online educational system with materials and courses from primary school through postgraduate and may be used by homeschoolers, public school students, working professionals and anyone in between.
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We are only just beginning to research happiness and everyone's experience is part of our research.
This public service provided to anyone with the belief that the right kind of education is essential to eliminate greed, dominance, economic injustice, violence and hatred from our world and promote justice, joy and happiness and mutual understanding.
As such, degrees are awarded based on the candidate's research into reality and love above all else.

This glossary will clear up the references on the Gate page so that virtual visitors may commence to "make a mental map" of our mission.
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The proposed entrance to the university is through the Garden Gate, the entryway a memorial in honor of those who have died by acts of derangement and violence we are ashamed to acknowledge even today, and a beacon of light
This is a tribute to Wellesley College, whose founders believed that a garden was quite conducive to happiness and thus, to education.
This is also the theory of Genesis as well and is explored in the Gaia hypothesis.
Each one of these figures is supported by rigorous scholarship at many universities, and is a key to our research.
Though the figures involve spiritual things, they are very concrete material building blocks in our educational philosophy of GAIA, EUCATASTROPHE and PHENOMENOLOGY toward UNIVERSAL LOVE.