The World Cup soccer based on a four year calendar, The Great Jubilee based on a seven year calendar, and other Harmonic Convergences

The world cup which is probaby the largest mass consciousness event on the earth (over a billion people) and the 7 year jubilee converged in 2014, if you believe that 2000 started a new 50 year Jubilee cycle.

Why the Gardens of Guadalupe and the harmonic convergence are really part of the same revelation.
Pasolini said "football is the last sacred ritual" and in a sense he was correct, in the wake of dialectic materialism which mowed down belief in the supernatural, we return to the atheletes of ancient greece, who were like priests, who got a UBI at the temple if they were really good.
And why not/ In a world of war, the warrior is king.
Even in our country the president is the Commander in chief, left over from Washington and valley Forge. (is that correct.)
If we truly all seek to put in place an international, or global government of the Garden (of Paradise), to heal the earth and human society so we may all breathe easily, the first task is to agree.
And for that, there has to be some sort of not only cultural, but above all economic and social parity so that we can agree.
The Kairos, the Kronos, cyclical time, linear time, the man in a cirle by da vinci, (ie Jesu the New immortal man is the center of the valangaverse) the worship of the great serpent (komodo dragon stuff here) the woman who crushes the serpent, and the migration from the east down alaska to the americas, the skandalon, the alfa and the omega, the mondial, the Harmonic convergence, the 50 year jubilee of the hebrews..where all debts were forgiven and people returned to their homeland, was a simulation of the harmonic convergence of heaven and earth, the annunciation, etc etc.

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