December 15th, 2019. take your tests, don't worry, they're fun. :)
the Trimester is over this week, we don't have varsity jackets yet but we have a handbook and thats kind of cool.

--we all know the page is "not perfect" but if St Joe did a 'just getting into the manger zone" cover of CEE LO GREEN for the green page, it might go, I see you riding round the farm on the horse I love and I got MUCKY SHOOOES, I guess the shekels in my pocket just wasn't enough so I got mucky shooes.

Hello, angel Friends! We extend our greetings and warm wishes to the entire crew.
This is just a quick note because it's coming up on the end of the fall trimester, we're heading into week 16 and so much has happened this year.
You will have noticed the increased emphasis on angels; there's no requirement that anyone has to believe in angels.

We got --and lost--a few new domain names due to internal reorg.
and hopefully we're going to keep for the forseeable future. We will orient back to the home page when we get all this figured out.
We moved the Skandalon Skole to its own space,
and at least theoretically organized all the other materials under the new Uriel University Umbrella.
We are working on some entrance exams (curious? Try one.
We are placing greater emphasis on the role of music in the phenomenology of education.
As we've seen, an astonishing amount of content was spontaneously generated this past year.
Gardens do Grow, and volcanic earth is particularly suited to growing things.
But keeping up with such a garden is shall we say a gargantuan and gigantic job and we do have to "prune the vines".

Here is a simplified index while we mow the grass of the Glad Gardens.


What is gaudete exactly?
The apostle James says Gardeners know more about Joy because they know about waiting for the harvest but is that outdated?
It's true that some Gardeners got a lot of glee out of shouting letters like G...were they just too guastati from gardening to get bored, or have an existential crisis?
G are you Glad that you Got on the net? Do you Grasp just how Gladsome the Gaming could Get?
G is for Galaxy, that's where we are, but the Garden of eden seems pretty darn far
And G for Gabuzzi who get up and Grow, but what is the Goal here, does anyone know?
Gardens and gestures of generous giving, but also the grief from making a living.
G for Godfather, the Grand Gatto Pard, the guaglio and the gangsters cuz life is so hard.
G for Ganancia which gives way to Greed, when the Government Grabs way more Gold than they need.
G is for Gabriel-- have you not heard? He's the angel who says the most glorious word.
And G for GAUDETE which is what we can do if we find out the Good news is actually True..

Note to GARDENERS:The garden school, whose philosophy that natural beauty (and certain types of architecture that harmonize with that in a particular way) is helpful to education (and thus, agrees with Skandalon guidi Thoreau, tolkien and pasolini (who were all heartbroken at the mistreatment of Nature)
The amount of labor, patience and time that is required to keep up a garden of that size is quite sizeable but the original participants believed the fruit was worth it--the fruit of wisdom.
, The school had a two week reading period before exams, which incredibily, were conducted on the honor system, and unsupervised.
If you are canadian it's "Honour" system, but the meaning is pretty Krystal klear.
So whether or not you are studying, take your time. Rest, and don't stress, and be honorable in everything.