Dearly loved gardeners, the tax date looms next week.
Before we get into that, did you all catch the full buck moon?
Yeah neither did we, and in this case buck refers to an animal not money.
That said, we should look at the tax date as a good thing, a chance to review our misison and finances.
Mission, great, finances, none. LOL
thats ok "silver and gold we have none, but what we have, we give." (And a couple of lobsters with spaghetti frutti di mare, seeing as how Im a fisherman by trade".)
we know, the trust is not a tax shelter but a literal shelter from phsyical violence.
Thus, we are not in the suspicious category of the NFL, or TRUMP U., or GATES OR JOBS OR PAGE OR ZUCK OR PRINCE HARRY etc etc.
We are poor and we strive to practice the yang gang's touted, UBI, not in theory but in truth.
We have decided that the distibution will be $50 a week, the Mexican minimum wage.
However, please note:As every participating property is a branch of the "guadalupe garden" coop, and every resident the holder of a "guadalupe gardens green card" by operation of Uriels' Law, the distributions are not considered salary but rather, toward expenses and certainly can't cover them all, especially not in the US where electricity alone can run you $50 a month.
The company itself as well as all of its participants clearly live at the poverty level.
We can ill afford income or payroll tax and we are providing a tremendous service for the government which spends billions on mental health with rampant graft and questionable success (see, for example, the Leopards Tale)
Taking a calm look at the 990PF, we can easily see that the bulk of it is inquiry into "excise tax" the tax on surplus income, and political activity.
This alone tells us that it is a response to criticism that the foundations were being used to influence politics clandestinely, after people like Debs got wise to the railroad, auto manufacturer, google, and other corporate lobbies and began to expose this.
Debs knew about the corruption because he WORKED FOR THE RAILROAD SINCE HE WAS 14 ok.
At that point the titans resorted to schedule R where they could cloak their money in a "subsidiary company".
We on the other hand have done all these things to protect the money we needed to eat from deranged madmen like norman stansfield "death is whimsical today".
Our goal is to become a school and file the 990 EZ which is only 4 pages.

Note: Anyone who has the discipline to learn that second aria or whatever that is, that's laudable.
We'll call you Gabriel the Good news Gabuzzo. Wait, we mean Goomba.
On Sunday when Mary Magdalene went to the tomb, she thought Gesu was the gardener. Guess what? HE IS! This is the job of the whole human family and Jesus has human nature and always will.
Secondly, did Gesu go to Uriel on that Easter Sunday and say, Uriel old sport, no more guarding the gate for you I want you to supervise Christos and Jeanne claude's gate projects?
Perhaps not.. the angels in charge of government are in other choirs.
Yes, they are called CHOIRS.
However we do know that he did say "ALL AUTHORITY YES THATS ALL AUTHORITY has been given me on earth AND IN HEAVEN SO GO AND PREACH THIS GOOD NEWS.
Yes, that is our job until the garden is restored and we can sit around and eat fruit and NOT EAT THE DANGE POISON FROG TREE FOR GODS SAKES PEOPLE LETS GET IT RIGHT THIS TIME.
Anyway we have to work in the idea that Christos was "stateless" and that he protested the walling in of the earth by walling it in with gauzy curtains or whatever.
Also, this: the US corporate goverment structure and official paperwork justifying the straghe, (we do not say the ACTUAL government which is a much more rhysomic creature) is like the forced marriage of a European father to an indigenous mother who had no rights, was stuffed onto a reservation and watched her garden get criss crossed with machinery and pollution whilst the husband waged wars and increased his portfolio.
The husband says I HAD TO DO IT, I was being persecuted.
Does this not prove Thoreaus thesis that "when men are ready, no government is what they shall have?"

This is an inevitable realization of the prophesy of God to the Hebrews, that they should not ask for a king.
THey never should have but they did.

and some mistakes take a long while to correct.

update on albanil we should ask the christos brothers to help with the garden gate and update on audit the people responsible for wudespread suspicion of trusts? the nfl... trump university...prince harry ir whoever and the internet titans who sock aeay billions and blame us for barbewueing beans! lets barneque frankfurts bs theory until its firged in fire! UPDATE ON ACCREDITATION:
An explanation of distance learning: Adam van Arsdale and the anthropological evolution of communication
HERE IS THE WEBSITEand as with the Charitable trust website, we need to know it as well or better than they do becuase we are at a disadvantage, and must make up the handicap (which isn't too hard seeing as how half of red tape is useless)..
as suspected,it costs thousands which we do not have. What we do have is the ability to make our own handbook which is equivalent or superior to theirs, based not on bureaucracy and money but on love.
We are already well on our way to this in any event.
We are highly educated; all that is necessary is that we demonstrate our fitness for this task.
As John Bosco said, if we are not "qualified" we will become "qualified" , so that they may see that the only obstacle is their astronomical fee which gives jobs to bloated bureacracies.
We need uniforms that say COMPLIANCE OFFICER LOL. We copy the format of their handbook and simply clarify that our mission is above all to listen, and learn to love. Paul tillich, the first duty of love is to listen.
ECONOMIC POLICIES: According to Uriels UBI, a key component of happiness for all, we pledge to do whatever in our power to guarantee UBI, that we all receive a basic income and that no one gets more, the President does not get more money than the one who cleans the fact the president will take a turn at that job too. In fact, there is no president lol
For as Jesus said, "non ministrari sed ministrare", if i do not wash your feet you will have no part of my inheritance, and "the one who wishes to be first should be last, and the servant of all."

ok we have to learn to articulately and with composure and poise, defend this University and this trust and Uriels UBI and all of it, by all the intellectual means at our disposal because we do not have weapons other than these, we have no offshore bank account, no guns, no bombs, no bodyguards but God.
The project will be attacked, and constantly, because it is founded on truth, which is always under attack.
But the more it is attacked, the more we develop our skills as advocates, so to speak, defense attorneys which is a luxury Jesus Christ himself never had, not even a public defender. We defend with the splendor of truth, even when it is scandalous which is almost always.
Love is not loved, and we are here to love Love.
So, when you are pummelled, insulted, vilified,abused, consider yourself blessed, for so they persecuted all the prophets. Do not make war, but do not back off the project. WE ARE WELL, WELL WITHIN OUR RIGHTS TO INSIST ON OUR HUMAN DIGNITY AND THE RIGHT TO LIFE, LIBERTY AND THE PURSUIT OF HAPPINESS. OK? OK.

Good news is what the human race has been waiting for since forever. Well, at least since the bad news hit, that we were exiled.
Paradoxically though, we all too often kill the messengers of good news, or they die from pure exhaustion like Phidippedes.
The marathon bombing of 2013 is actually a huge milestone in the University project.
Not long after, the garden school screened Children of Men, a woefully dystopic film where Europe's Existential Crisis is the news of the day-- is beset by bombs, marital discord, immigrants in cages and mental malaise in rich places, and a pregnant Afro-English prostitute becomes the hope of the world.
the films presenter commented before starting the film, "In light of the recent marathon bombing and subsequent fugitive manhunt which took place not far from here, since this movie starts with a terrorist bomb, if you feel uncomfortable, please leave.
Interestingly, a few months after these events occured,The Garden School launched their first online class. See anthropology 101 by Arsdale, above.

In 2014, the world cup was held in Brazil, readers may recall.
Snow blanketed the campus of the garden, but Rodin had given way to the sleepwalker which was eventually vandalized and removed.

Around this time, the idea of distance learning acquired a name, "holywood high" because hollywood high though appealing was already taken.

The first attempt at forming a company also took place at this time.

The truth about the good news will always be opposed because it involves scandal, which makes us feel uncomfortable.
We are not just children of men, we are children of God, but we have forgotten this and renounced our inheritance

These days, wealthly US travelers with the wherewithal to vacation in Europe wait for the go ahead to cross borders from country to country and some are astounded to hear the US passport is losing clout.
Although the US bullied and slaughtered millions of native americans out of their homes (cue THey lANDED AT PLYMOUTH) and sanctioned the slave trade, (THOREAU) they used "their" invention of the bomb (though Einstein was actually a German refugree) to justify Breton woods and the subsequent economic hegemony that made them the world's "the buck stops here" bullies.

Recent Justice for George and similar protests are a sign that the people are taking slow steps toward the best government of all which is "no government" as the peaceable Thoreau predicted.
But what if Cuomo got on tv and said we had all been cleared to pass the port of PARADISE? and we didnt even have to "pass away" to do it?
Now, friends, that would be good news indeed.

On a practical note, if you want to save the paychecks of the Postal Ponies click here
News is news, ok and we have to honor Frank Hopins the Blue child..he's part of our cinema of poetry idea to make Pasolini and Panzram palatable to the public
are you all doing this fine day?
Green card musings: let us offer the gifts of the earth back to the Grand Gardener.

though we don't often think of it like this, the very first "customs agent" was an angel, guarding the gate between earth and heaven, the one that kept us from getting back into the garden.
only those who love the garden and the Gardener rightly could pass through, and none of us qualify.

EXTREME EVANGELIZATION...the adventures of Peter and Paul by wonderful marvelous musical movies. From jailbreaks to shipwrecks, never a dull moment in the lives of these two Marathoners for the Mission.
As paul says, they ran the marathon, (cue vangelis chariots of fire and doesnt that remind you of PHiiop and the charioteer) and they deserve the laurels. LOL

Aside to Christians...The columns of the gates should read peter and paul.
Two martyrs for the faith, they shine in their unworthiness... One, so stubborn he had to be thrown from his horse to stop messing with the people and killing them, the other, such a blowhard he went from shouting undying loyalty to running away from a kitchen maid.
Peter becomes the rock of scandal the rock of the people of God the new customs official, the new gatekeeper, the holder of the keys of the kingdom.

Fans of "in it to spin it", this spring's meditations on the meaning of music that fizzled in the chaos of covid, will remember the references to Guy Fawkes and V for vendetta.
Always interesting though to see how movie plots weave together..Natalie Portman of course who starred in V for Vendetta, played Matilda, opposite Jean reno, in Leon, another film about corrupt authority which featured Leon's devotion to a chinese evergreen as the sign of hope and renewal.
Jean Reno and Gerard Depardieu co starred in Tais tois! where a bumbling bumpkin thief who loves horses and cows, and drives everyone crazy, saves the life of a dour urban hitman.
still another film with Depardieu about the Everlasting goodness of gardens as opposed to the "police state" mentality is Green Card, about how the fate of a courtyard garden unites a group of self centered characters behind a common goal.
The jaded dismissal of gardening declared by the street wise piano player George Faure-- "if it amuses you, then do it" turns into a beautiful poem about the wind in the trees.
For The valanga di vita, gardening is more than an amusement, but a key aspect of happiness, solidarity and health for the earth and for us, and a deterrent to violence and hatred.

This is the form of a charitable trust which the federal government has placed on its own website, so memorize it and commit it to your memory.
We have to know it much better than they do, since we are poor and knowledge is all we have to defend ourselves.
Furthermore, a lot of the injustice occurred because some assume that others have the same solidarity in their hearts, and learned much too late that that was a naive dream.

We must not assume that other people love us and would do the same for us as we would for them. we must never assume this, because it is not true by any means.
Only the spirit of God is able to love.
We have to spell out the reasons for this trust, which are totally legitimate.
No one wants to work their whole life to see the fruits of their labor be used to oppress and terrorize them (a la its time for the end of government, as Thoreau said, when we are worthy we will achive this...Stansfield.)
That's like the prisioners of labor camps digging their own graves for no food..that's like paying for a bomb to be dropped on you.
No one in their right mind would voluntarily do this.
Or as saint paul says, "it is with difficulty that one dies for a just man, but jesus died for us when we were not just.
live in fear nad poverty, constantly on the run from family members.
KNOW ALL BY THESE PRESENTS that The University of Archangel Uriel aka Uriel University from July 1st 2020 will be funded by the Cherry Moon Trust, named for the April 6 Easter Moon of 2020 and established to promote happiness in order to eliminate violence and to further the civilization of love, and to benefit the veterans of violence that have not been otherwise restored to their rightful dignity, specifically veterans of domestic sexual assault, incest, and other underrecognized and therefore underadressed forms of mental illness and domestic violence.
These forms of violence lead to poverty and disenfranchisement even among people often thought of and referred to as "privileged".
We say this in order to be clear that this is our mission, and don't get all giddy because due to the reasons enumerated above, the trust is quite poor.
what it lacks in money it makes up for in love so if we starve to death at least we didnt kill you over your mazerati.
Friends, knowledge is power and we invite you to join the movement of true human justice brought forward especially in these days by covid19 and justice for george, to learn about history from a new point of view, that which sees all people as truly free and equal.
we call this the Valangaverse, the universe as God sees it and intends that it shall be.
Because we have been mauled and mistreated we are preparing a countersuit in case anyone says we don't have the right to live with dignity while they are living in luxury.
While we don't expect the judgment to ever be paid out, it may serve as a defense against being mistreated or in the utmost ridiculousness, accused of misdeeds which they themselves committed while we had compassion upon them (kind of like jesus was actually.)
Example: It is unclear when the violence which led to the necessity of this trust began, but there are memories of a six year old child being harassed about her underwear and her shorts, and of a ten year old boy punching out his schoolmate so violently that the parents had to pay for the other boy's front teeth to be replaced.
There is reason to believe that some kind of rage had already taken hold in that boy's soul in that time and went unchecked.

He was not hte only elementary school child with issues in that district, however.
that same year on the first day of first grade, the girl who was already being harassed by her older brother was harassed by a schoolmate whose initials were JS.
it happened this way, she asked to borrow a pencil and the boy obviously already schooled in extorting sexual favors, said if we make out I'll give you a pencil.
The teacher said, who is that I hear talking out of turn and wanting a detention? Who's not going to lunch on the first day of school? Is it X or is it Y?
The boy was soon discovered after other incidents occurred, and he vanished from the school.
This was an apt beginning to the all too common scenario that would play out over the next years and decades, where schools and other institutions simply "disappear" problems, or refer them to highly paid psychiatrists whose astronomical salary guarantees that they will live in a neighborhood where these things can be paved over in gold.
Four years later, the boy was now an angry young man, and having surpassed his equally enraged father in physical stature, he announced one day after a beating that "you lay a hand on me again, you motherfucker, and I'm going to kill you." It was in this environment that the girl entered adolescence.

can't find the stories, but hows this OJT, on the job training.
Thats a good title for all the stories of Carmel, Big Sur, in Belmont, Cambridge, in Somerville, in the woods of Lebanon etc etc right?
You're supposed to get paid for OJT, not have the cray crays take what little money you have by force! These stories of money, this is how we clarify the TRUST PURPOSE. Who can argue with them?