Angel City and Dream City are related.
At times, angels may appear to us in dreams, as in the case of St Joseph who was "warned in a dream" that he should not return to the town he used to live in because the anti messianic government might kill him.
However, dreams and angels are distinct.
because of Freud who perhaps did not believe in his guardian angel, psychoanalysis did not take certain spiritual realities into consideration.
we need to examine the relationship between psyche and body and spiritual dimension which may exist independently of our consciousness.
This page is the flip side of the angel city title page.
You could think of Angel city as los angeles because that was named directly for the angels but actually any city where angels dwell is an angel city, and now that we have virtual cities in the making we may better imagine how a city of angels is organized: invisible, like a virtual city, co existent with our earthly cities and interacting with these cities in an unseen way.

if you want to organize this idea alphbetically, the angels ardor burns into a a bursting blazing blast which causes a combustible commotion and disintegrates into dust which evolves into earth which eucharistically is the foundation of a fallow garden of gladness. Got it? LOL
Some of us are just learning the ABCs. Did you ever wonder why there are 26 miles in a marathon and 26 letters in an alphabet?

Or, 1. The angelic announcement, 2. battle of the blesseds, 3. carnal creation, 4. death and destruction, 5. eucatastrophe epiphany of Emmanuele, 6. the fantastic fenomenal finale, is 7. glorious, glad and Good growth in the garden. 8. HA! HEE HEE holy spirit says, Hell widdit and just huffs out the whole Iniquity with a hurled javelin at Ja Jehovah Jesus Jaga. K? LLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLListen to the MMMMMMMMMMMusical Number of Paradise JAJAJJAJAJAJAJJAJAJAJAJ