The science of semiotics or semiology clarifies that the historical and cultural context of any effort to communicate is of primary importance.
Pope Francis for example, of Italian extraction but brought up in Argentina, mispronounced the word "caso" in a sermon and unwittingly turned it into an obscenity
We know that over the death camps of Auswitz was written WORK MAKES FREE whcih is a horrible contextual lie.
Over the gates of dante's hell was written, "Abandon all hope, ye who enter here", which was by contrast horribly frank.


We also know that announcers often refer to a higher authority to prove the authenticity of their message.
Gabriel, frustrated at Zacariahs unbelief, retorted, "I am Gabriel and I stand in the Presence of God." Meaning,my job is an adorer and an announcer and I speak exactly as I hear.
I dont want to strike you dumb but otherwise you won't take me seriously.
WHen questioned "by whose authority to you do these miracles" Jesus answered, tell me who gave John the Baptist authority.
IN other words, the same God who anointed my cousin John anointed me when he baptized me.
Elsewhere though, Jesus declares, I do not speak on my own, but what I have heard from my father" words that virgil says to dante, da me stesso non vengo.


Sometimes even earthly authority can be used to worship god. As a gesture of gratidtude for Jesus saying to the judge "God gave you the authority to judge me, it is the traitors who are worse off", Pilate paid Jesus back by tacitly acknowledging that the government will be upon his shoulders.
Over the body of Jesus was inscribed "Jesus of nazareth the king of the Jews", a nicodemus like gesture that seems to say "Jesus, I believe you but I dont want to lose my job." Becuase when someone tried to convince Pilate to correct the inscription to "JESUS SAID He was king of the Jews, Pilate answered, "No, it's staying the way it is." In other words...well, draw your own conclusions. Of course you could conclude that Pilate was saying "this is what happens to any king but caesar" (lest we think Caesar is an ancient word which is never used in modern times, the word Kaiser was in use less than 100 years ago in Germany) and even if he was..that would still be evidence that his personal statement to the world is "I have to obey caesar just like Jesus did and I dont want to get crucified by the bloody Romans for failing to quash the revolution.. so please forgive my weakness".
Pilate did not have the holy spirit in sufficient quantity to be a martyr, for it is the spirit of life and not our own mortal spirit which testifies to the truth.
For this reason, the context of certain communications regarding the University need to be stated as clearly as possible. URIEL and his irregular status in the Roman church ENGELBLAU and his rather unangelic appearance VALANGA what is that some kind of medieval military detachment? THE UNIVERSITY IN EXILE ok now that's just downright odd.