similar to Our Lady Guadalupe was connected to the Sun and also similar to guadalupe she proposed peace, at fatima she specifically said pray the rosary to avoid WWII.
similar to Guadalupe she appeared to the less important folk of the area.
The advice didnt take, the Rosary is a boring and draggy prayer. Its like watching a crew race, rather than a futbol battle.
However Pio said the rosary was "the weapon".
Leo wrote Eleven encyclicals on it.
So it might work against this conflict in Iran/iraq.
Of course if we don't try it, we'll never know.
And yes it is boring.
But is a boring battle better than a bloody one?
Kind of a no brainer.
And here's something...a connection between the two events is Ricardo Montalban, a Mexican actor who portrayed Khan Nunyen Sing in the Star treck series ,not star wars, star trec, and who narrated a movie about fatima.
The movie must be on Youtube but right now the internet here is just slower than a sloth.
Interestingly, the name Montalban means, mountain of dawn.


spiritual things sometimes require understanding than what we possess at the moment, just like any other discipline.
Sometimes we neglect spiritual things just as we neglect emotional things, because they are mysterious or we can see no clear way to "figure out or fix the situation".
There is a distinction between God and our dreams, although there is also a relationship between these two.
In other words, there is a distinction between the specifically spiritual material versus the emotional and dream state material.
The dreams and the Mass for example, are not the same.
Dreams take place in your individual consciousness and are often about individual things, are a separate category from the Mass.
Some dreams can be about public matters for example "I have a dream" but it is often not the case.
The mass is a public ritual on the other hand.
The mass for Sunday five January was about the Glory of Sports which is what most people think of, when they hear glory, amd then the Mass meaning, the Glory of God which is God's identity. God is glory says the priest and he comes into the world to be with us.
Christians traditionally got confirmed around age 14 if they want to keep being friendly to the Spirit.
This is going to sound bizarre to some, however, Sometimes if you wake up from dreams even if the dreams are very good, and the Holy Spirit is there and wakes you up and sometimes if you tune in to the Mass the priest is saying what the Spirit was saying.
THis phenomenon has been confirmed by various people and goes to show that the Spirit tries to bring people together to accomplish a project but its not easy sometimes to understand what that project is or how to do it.
not only that, but it seems possible that you may be attacked by spirits who don't love God .
They try to sabotage the project by various ways.
The Mass, which is where Christians believe God was executed by the Roman government.
Why you may ask would anyone want to remember that sad thing assuming anyone could believe such a ridiculous idea? It seems like something better to forget.
However, Apparently the Holy spirit only enters the world through suffering, because of certain events that occured long before human history is recorded.
In fact if you hang out with God a lot you will find, it's no picnic. profanity could go here but ought not to.
This page also gives us the opportunity to make some small attempt to make good on a promise of sorts to honor San Miguel The Archangel on behalf of a friend of ours who considered San Miguel his friend.

Since angels are often described as beings of light, it's interesting to study how we experience light as opposed to darkness
This can be done by considering fire, stars, volcanos, the sun, the mooon and other phenomena involving light.

What is the good of learning anything if the end result is not greater joy for us all?
Here is something to think about this holiday from Angel City...ARDENS,
All of these phenomena which have been observed by humans throughout history are universal symbols of goodness that are not unique to the Christian culture.

If you celebrate Christmas, or any related midwinter holiday, or you suffer due to corporate greed, or you have a farm, December 16 begins the famous Posadas where the Holy family has to go back to bethlehem for a tax census.
They probably weren't in the one percent, because they couldn't find anyone to give them a room so they stayed in a farmer's stall. Not as bad as the cold hard ground, due to the hay and the animals who were warm... but most likely,smelly and sweaty and smoky and that's if they had firewood.
AKA FEED THE FIRE , but not just yet